Shirley Birch at Framlingham Therapies
 LHS, DipHyp, EFT, EMDR, MCS (Acc), DipCS



At Framlingham Therapies I offer a broad range of therapy plans to ensure the best possible results for my clients.

Where some people can be helped by a straightforward course of counselling others need a combination of therapies to achieve beneficial changes in their lives.

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy will be techniques that many people are relatively familiar with but I also use some other proven and effective therapies, like the Emotional Freedom technique and Eye Movement De-sensitization Reprocessing, which are perhaps less familiar . This is why I consider it so important to offer a free initial consultation where you can find out more about all the therapies available to you. The consultation also allows me to assess the best course of action for every individual. 

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